What is SaVi H2O?

Water quality has, unfortunately, not improved too much over the years. We are all working together and have created ways to filter water, yet we are here to introduce a new, superior way. Not only does SaVi H2O truly clean water and filter out impurities, but it also enhances the quality of water by restructuring the molecules, allowing water to hold energy, and giving the body numerous of health benefits. This is known as Structured Water. Our patented method accomplishes this by exposing water (from any source) to an ultra-low frequency Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), perpendicularly and parallel to the water.

Do not let the science or fancy terminology scare you. PEMF is already produced and present in our Earth’s magnetic field and affects the water in the water cycle. Structured Water exists organically in untouched sources, such as mountain springs and glacier melts. However, due to a disturbing increase in water pollution, we are not able to drink water the way Mother Nature intended it to be, and it is becoming less accessible to many people. All we did is simply mimic the same frequency Earth emits while simultaneously filtering out impurities such as chlorine, lead, fluoride, sediments, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, sulfur, and more. Our water is also kept at a necessary neutral pH of 7.4, which is the optimal number your blood and enzymes operate at enhancing the benefits provided.

Why SaVi H2O?

Inspired by people who prioritize health, our mission is to provide clean, high-quality water at an affordable price that is better for you and the environment.

Other filters and cartridges quickly accumulate impurities and become clogged. Meanwhile, SaVi H2O eliminates these contaminations and does not allow any of it to calcify or harden. This causes our filter not to become clogged due to the restructuring of the water’s molecules.

Let our system do all the work!

No need to worry about changing a filter for 3 years., unlike other filters in the market that need to be changed every 3-12 months. This reduces waste in the environment and less hassle for you! 

SaVi H2O is bacteriostatic and not susceptible to mold or bacteria growth, meaning bacteria cannot and will not grow inside our filters.


What is Structured Water?

Structured water, also known as magnetized or hexagonal water, is molecularly arranged water. In this manner, the water is clean, fresh, and contains stored energy. The energy the water holds aids in recharging and regenerating our cells.

Ordinary water (tap, purified, distilled) does not obtain charges. For instance, after sweating, electrolytes are promoted to be consumed to help rehydrate and replenish your cells. However, water alone cannot hydrate this way, so we seek out for alternative ways that do not always do the job or are too artificial. No need to anymore when SaVi H2O’s Structured Water innately can help. 

Use this water for drinking and cooking. It allows for immense benefits such as full nutrient absorption, charged cells, and true hydration.

SaVi H2O does not use a vortex or uv-light to structure the water. We have found a unique way using our proven, patented method magnetizing the water with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields just like Earth’s. This allows the water to remain structured for longer organically as well as softens the water.

Benefits for the Body

The cells in the human body are like small, wet batteries that operate at ideally 70 millivolts; therefore, our bodies already consist of charged energy. Due to the structured water also charged with natural energy, this recharges our cells. The same reason we eat food to fuel ourselves throughout the day, we must drink high-quality, structured water to ensure our cells are at their prime.

The water SaVi H2O produces enhances absorption, which supplements the act of hydration more thoroughly than ordinary drinking water. It also increases the solubility of mineral and antioxidant properties, which improves the transfer of nutrients to all parts of the body, for not only humans, but to promote cellular health in animals as well.

Our water system has also shown positive results in an animal’s well-being! Use SaVi H2O for household pets drinking water, fish tanks, to bathe them, etc.

Benefits for the Environment

SaVi H2O reduces waste production by lessening the use of filters by only having to renew it every 3 years. Many other filters need to be changed every 3-12 months and are made from plastic, especially those that are nondegradable. 

We also highly promote and encourage the elimination of single-use plastic bottles.

Our current system is 100% biodegradable plastic, and we are soon working on being 100% plastic-free. Stay tuned!

How SaVi H2O Products Can Be Used

We offer our under the sink SaVi Filter to simultaneously clean and structure your water!

Do you already have a filter for your refrigerator or sink? You can connect our SaVi Link to ANY filter to structure the water and increase the longevity of your current filter while improving the quality of water!

You can even use our SaVi Link alone for your whole household! This includes structuring the water you drink, shower, and cook with!
Contact us for custom commercial/recreational use and pricing for larger filters.

Be SaVi with your Health, Environment, and Money.

Buy yours today!

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