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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Structured Water Taste Different?

No, Structuring the molecules of water has no affect on the taste of the water.
It tastes even more crisp and refreshing if anything!

Does The Filter Get Weaker Over Time?

No. The filter will purify the water with the same strength after 3 years, just as it works the first day!

What do I do after the 3 years?

We will send out reminder emails notifying you. You can simply order a new one OR, even better, return your existing filter to us for a 50% discount on a new filter!

Can I order a system for my whole household?

Yes! We can customize our filters for any household or commercial use, not just for under the sink. Simply contact us and we will provide you a system just right for you!

What is the difference between the System and Filter?

The 'SaVi H2O System' simultaneously cleans and structures water while the 'SaVi H2O Filter' solely cleans out the impurities without the structured water benefits. Both products contain the same media, filtering out the same contaminants and lasts 3 years.

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